What to see in Krakow?

Spending a weekend or a few days in the city and thinking about what to see in Krakow? We will tell you how to plan the best trip – what you can, and should see in the capital of Galicia. Krakow is a beautiful city with a rich tradition, culture and stunning architecture. Depending on what you are interested in as a tourist, plan a tour comprising all the most interesting parts of the city. Most of these are located close to each other, so the city can be explored on foot or by Segway. Krakow will delight you with its beauty and character.

What should you see in Krakow?

While you are in Krakow You can take a tour, and in the evening, relax in one of the atmospheric restaurants or venues serving local delicacies. Above all, Krakow impresses with its historic Old Town. The famous Main Market Square is mandatory – you can also see the Sukiennice located in its centre, a prominent symbol of the city. It is surrounded by numerous venues, restaurants, museums and other attractions. Right next to it, there is the famous St. Mary’s Church, whose richly decorated interior and historic altar will impress everyone. A walk along Grodzka Street will lead you directly to the Hill of Wawel Castle. The Royal Castle and the Wawel Cathedral, with its numerous chapels, are located there. A stroll in the Old Town will certainly amaze all fans of architecture and historic places.

what to see in krakow?

It’s recommended to see the Barbican, go through the Florian’s Gate, and visit the historic buildings of the Jagiellonian University. What to see in Krakow There are many old churches and green areas in the city. It is best to visit Kazimierz, to explore the one-of-a-kind atmosphere of this district, buzzing with life in the evenings. We suggest you arrange a walk through the park or go a little further, to the Kościuszko Mound, overlooking an excellent panoramic view of the whole city. In this way, you can see some of the most famous attractions of Krakow in a few days! Whatsoever, you can see most of these with our Krakow Segway Tours!