What to do in Krakow?

If you appreciate the active exploration of new places, you are certainly wondering what to do in Krakow? The city offers many options, both for fans of spending time with friends, good food and drinks, as well as for those interested in cultural events. There, you can not only see the most popular monuments but also take part in the interesting events- everything depends on you! Make a plan for an unforgettable trip, during which you will experience the unique atmosphere of Krakow.

What is there to do while in Krakow?

Krakow is a beautiful city with many attractions. Starting from the interesting monuments, through art galleries and museums, ending with urban parks. Physically active people can explore the city by bike or use a Segway for this purpose. This will save you time, and provide with a wide range of activities. The nearest area of the Main Market Square offers a lot of attractions in the historic tenements. Wondering what to do in Krakow during the weekend? Visit the Botanical Garden, historic buildings belonging to the Jagiellonian University, and churches. Step into one of the theatres, take a cruise along the Vistula River or take a walk around the streets with unique character. In the evening, the city is also bustling with life!

what to do in krakow

If you find sightseeing exhausting, you can rest in one of the many cafes or restaurants in the centre of the Old Town. Atmospheric interiors and gardens on the Main Market Square are great options for those seeking traditional flavours and the moment of relaxation. If you don’t know what to do in Krakow during your stay, a stroll to Kazimierz is definitely worth trying. The district offers a unique atmosphere and good food, as well as the opportunity to visit places like the historic synagogue, Remuh Cemetery or ghetto. The visitors to Krakow will not complain about being bored – try out our Krakow guided tours and see for yourself!