What to do in Gdansk?

Not sure what to do in Gdansk during your short stay? If this is your first visit, you certainly want to see the most famous attractions and learn about local culture. Gdansk is one of the most valuable historic building complexes in Poland – it is worth to get a closer look at the city. The best way to do it, is to take advantage from an organized excursion that will present the most important places and allow you to feel the character of this extraordinary place. Gdansk is an option for all fans of historic architecture.

What is there to do while in Gdansk?

No matter how much free time you have- with us, you will choose the right tour plan. We offer several variants that well present the essence of Gdansk. What to do in Gdansk, if you have a free few hours to explore? Choose a Segway Tour. A quick ride through the Old Town, the Royal Route, will help you see all the important monuments in less than an hour. The medieval buildings and monuments of the German Gothic will surely impress everyone! The Old Town Tour lasts 90 minutes, and the longest Regular Tour will allow you to see the Main Town, the Old Town, Granary Island and numerous gates, towers, churches and tenement houses. You will visit Long Street, walk through the Golden Gate and see the Old Gdansk Shipyard.

what to do in gdansk

For those seeking additional experience, we recommend Gdansk by Night. The tour is a great idea for spending an evening in an interesting way. Be sure to go with your friends. We want to provide visitors not only with great fun but also unforgettable memories. Do not hesitate what to do in Gdansk, just choose one of the tours prepared by us. In this way, you will have the opportunity to know the city even better. By choosing Segwaytour in Gdansk, you can get around the city quickly and efficiently, so you save time on commuting to selected sites. Sightseeing doesn’t have to be boring – just take on Segway.