Warsaw for a week – how to do the best city tour

Deciding to visit Poland, Warsaw is a must see city. Not only because it is the capital of the country and the largest city, but because it has a rich history, historic beautiful monuments and an amazing places worth seeing. The basis for visiting this city is a good plan and choosing the best Warsaw city tour.

How to do the best Warsaw city tour? It’s good to start using Segway services. The offer includes a 90-minute short route, which is made to see the most important places in Old Town, New Town and the Centre, a 180 Regular Route expanded to include many different places and monuments from Krasiński Garden, Monument to the Ghetto Heroes through 4 Tenement Houses at Próżna Street, Palace of Culture and Science or Saski Garden by Presidential Palace and many others. You can also go on trip route called Warsaw by night. These are routes lasting several dozen minutes, having a week in Warsaw, we can independently expand our knowledge and visit the monuments, seen earlier during the tour, more accurately.

week in warsaw city tour

What is the best way to spend a week in Warsaw?

Being in Warsaw for a week is a great opportunity to know almost all nooks and crannies of this beautiful Polish city. The Old Town is always a good place to start sightseeing Warsaw. It should be noted that this is the most remarkable tourist attraction. Different restaurants, cafes and various shops are located in the Old Town Square Place which is the centre of this area. The unique atmosphere of the surrounding streets and gorgeous tenement houses of former burghers delights tourists of all over the world. Another trip point should be a Royal Castle. If you are a history fan you should devoted the second day of your trip to the Warsaw Rising Museum, the National Museum or Museum of the History of Polish Jews. Visiting Warsaw for a week, it is also worth including The park-and-palace complex Łazienki Królewskie or Palace of Culture and Science in your trip plan.

Warsaw has a lot to offer, which is why it is not possible to be bored even for one day. Week is the perfect time to explore Warsaw.