Krakow Main Square – what you need to know

While visiting Krakow Main Square is the point on the map that cannot be missed. Why? There are several reasons. This is the largest square in the city, and also the largest medieval market in Europe. It has the shape of a square with a side length of 200 metres. Virtually, all buildings surrounding the Main Square are historic, currently adapted into exclusive shops, restaurants, a branch of the Historical Museum, and other sights worth visiting. It’s the central part of the city, visited eagerly by both tourists and locals.

History of Main Square in Krakow

Krakow received city rights in the 13th century- then, also the base for the Main Market Square was set. Its every angle is the start for two streets. One of them, Grodzka Street, leads directly to the Wawel Hill. Krakow Main Square is a unique example of medieval construction, known throughout the world. In one of the corners of the market, there is the famous St Mary’s Basilica. There, you can admire the richly decorated walls and the medieval altar by Wit Stwosz. In the centre, there are the Sukiennice, a former commercial building. Next to it, there is a tower, the remained part of the town hall, and the statue of Adam Mickiewicz. You can see all of these place during our Krakow guided tours!

Krakow Main Square - what you need to know

Krakow Main Square has changed greatly over the centuries. The structure of the market was raised, in some places up to 5 metres. Because of that, some buildings were equipped with the cellars- now turned into famous venues and clubs. The National Museum also made the market underground available to visitors. In addition to being an important monument, the Main Market Square is also the place of meetings, organizing seasonal fairs, and many special events. Each of the streets, starting from the square, has its own character. The visitors can choose from a selection of restaurants. In the evenings, you can spend time with friends and admire the illuminated buildings and fountain.