Gdansk for a week – how to do the best city tour

The picturesque and beautiful Polish seaport city located on the shores of the Baltic Sea delights tourists with its unusual attractions. To easily explore Gdansk for a week, just plan a good Gdansk city tour. How to do the best city tour?

In Segway Point, we can use the following Gdansk city tours: Old Town Tour, Royal Tour, Regular Tour, and Gdansk by night. The first route includes the most important spots in Old Town, Main Town, and the Granary Island. The second route will allow you to follow the same path that the king followed when entering the city. The regular tour is extended by old Gdansk Shipyard.

week in gdansk city tour

What is the best way to spend a week in Gdansk?

The historical center of the city of Gdansk is considered one of the most beautiful complexes in Poland. The main tourist route of Gdansk’s old town is the Royal Route. The section begins with a Renaissance Upland Gate from the 16th century, which is the remains of defensive fortifications. Today it houses the Amber Museum. Right behind it is the Golden Gate with characteristic decorations for the Dutch Renaissance. After passing through the Golden Gate, we enter Long Street, where a lot of restaurants, bars, and pastry shops operate in the carefully restored tenement houses. Behind the Town Hall, Long Street expands and turns into Long Market, which once served as the market. On the Long Market there is one of the symbols of Gdansk Neptune’s Fountain. It is worth to visit St. Mary’s Basilica, where the famous astronomical clock is hidden. Visiting Gdansk for a week you can not forget about the Wisłoujście Fortress. Fortification towering over the Dead Vistula, which is a great treat for lovers of fortifications.

In addition to the tourist attractions mentioned above, in Gdansk we can have many other noteworthy places, for example, Westerplatte, or the European Solidarity Center, or Golden Gate, or Museum of the Second World War. Gdansk for a week is enough time to learn almost all the secrets of the city.