1 day in Warsaw - what should you see?

As a capital city and as the largest city in Poland, Warsaw is necessary to see. During a one day trip you will not be able to visit all the attractions that this city guarantees you, but below there are some of the most important places worth see...
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1 day in Gdansk - what should you see?

Gdansk is a beautiful city of Poland which belongs to the Tricity. Except Gdansk, it includes Sopot and Gdynia. When you visit Gdańsk, you'll notice visible Gothic and Renaissance influences. Despite that it is situated on the coast of the Baltic ...
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Krakow for a week - how to do the best city tour

Krakow is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland. Every year, thousands of tourists visit the former capital of Poland. This city has a rich offer of tourist attractions, therefore a day trip or even a weekend getaway is not enough to see all ...
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What is a Segway Tour?

Are you in a new place and want to comfortably explore as many sights as possible? Forget about a car or moving on foot. There is yet another option to get to know the city. What is a Segway Tour? It's simple. Choose one of our suggested tours, bo...
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Warsaw for a week - how to do the best city tour

Deciding to visit Poland, Warsaw is a must see city. Not only because it is the capital of the country and the largest city, but because it has a rich history, historic beautiful monuments and an amazing places worth seeing. The basis for visiting...
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What to see in Krakow?

Spending a weekend or a few days in the city and thinking about what to see in Krakow? We will tell you how to plan the best trip - what you can, and should see in the capital of Galicia. Krakow is a beautiful city with a rich tradition, culture a...
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Gdansk for a week - how to do the best city tour

The picturesque and beautiful Polish seaport city located on the shores of the Baltic Sea delights tourists with its unusual attractions. To easily explore Gdansk for a week, just plan a good Gdansk city tour. How to do the best city tour?In S...
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What to see in Warsaw?

Planning a trip to Warsaw? The city is large, and offers many attractions. What to see in Warsaw when time is short? We suggest the best way to organise a trip and the sites to choose from. Each city has characteristic points on its map, which are...
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