5 Reasons to visit Warsaw

Warsaw is a capital city and the largest city in Poland. Here are 5 unique reasons to visit Warsaw and some tips where to go in the first place. Visit the most important monuments and the most interesting parts of the city.

What is the best time to visit Warsaw?

Where to visit in Warsaw? Palace of Culture and Science occupies the eighth place among the highest skyscrapers in Europe. The palace was a “gift of the Soviet people to the Polish nation.” Currently, the building houses many important museums, theaters, and cultural centers. If you visit Warsaw, you should not forget about the Old Town. It is a lively tourist center with cobbled streets and medieval buildings renovated after World War II. His heart is the Old Town Square – a bustling square around which there are tenement houses of former burghers and elegant restaurants serving dishes of Polish cuisine.

5 reasons to visit warsaw

Visit the Warsaw Rising Museum – it is a unique place that helps you understand contemporary Warsaw. This interactive museum commemorates the largest military action of the underground in German-occupied Europe during World War II. The multimedia exhibition captures the atmosphere of insurgent Warsaw, shows not only the military history of 63 days of fighting and the everyday life of civilians but also describes post-war communist terror. Walking on granite pavement among the debris of the destroyed capital, you will listen to the stories of the insurgents and see insurgent souvenirs.

Go as well to the Neon Museum. It is another good reason to visit Warsaw. The museum is located in Soho Factory in Prague. Its goal is to document and protect great post-war advertisements – neon lights. You will have great fun and lots of opportunities to take unique photos.

When you visit Warsaw, you will easily find green areas and parks. Contrary to appearances, Warsaw is a green city, because 30% of the area is covered by parks, fields, forests, and gardens. The Saxon Garden, Łazienkowski Park, and Kampinos National Park deserve special attention. Roof gardens at the University Library are a nice attraction. Remember – every time is the best time to visit Warsaw!