1 day in Warsaw – what should you see?

As a capital city and as the largest city in Poland, Warsaw is necessary to see. During a one day trip you will not be able to visit all the attractions that this city guarantees you, but below there are some of the most important places worth seeing. The best time to visit Warsaw is when the days are longer, i.e. spring and summer, because then during one day you will visit more places. However, Warsaw is beautiful at any time of the year.

Best places to visit in Warsaw

When you visit Warsaw, it is worth to start sightseeing from the Old Town as it impresses with its architectural skill and rectangular construction. The Old Town is the oldest part of the capital, constituting a compact set of architecture from the 17th and 18th centuries, a place with a medieval layout, surrounded by a ring of defensive walls from the 14th-16th centuries. Demolished after the Warsaw Uprising, the Old Town was reconstructed after the war. The symbol of the Old Town is Castle Square, created in 1818. The visitors should see the Column of Sigismund III, the Royal Palace and the Barbican.

Where to visit in Warsaw? Warsaw Rising Museum follows the history of the city’s courageous but doomed uprising against the German occupation in 1944 via five levels of photographs, interactive displays, film archives and personal accounts. The museum was opened in 2004 to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising. The museum is divided into five sections that leads tourists through chronological journey of the war.

When you visit Warsaw, you cannot omit Palace of Culture &Science. This is the most recognizable and the highest building in Warsaw. Wherever you are you can see it from almost every part of the capital. The Palace houses three theatres, a huge congress hall, a handful of museums, a multiscreen cinema and other tourist attractions.

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