What to see in Warsaw?

Planning a trip to Warsaw? The city is large, and offers many attractions. What to see in Warsaw when time is short? We suggest the best way to organise a trip and the sites to choose from. Each city has characteristic points on its map, which are...
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What to see in Gdansk?

What to see in Gdansk? The answer is not straightforward, since the city is rich in monuments and interesting places, all worth visiting. However, we will guide you through so that you can know them better and feel the atmosphere of the city. The ...
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What to do in Krakow?

If you appreciate the active exploration of new places, you are certainly wondering what to do in Krakow? The city offers many options, both for fans of spending time with friends, good food and drinks, as well as for those interested in cultural ...
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What to do in Warsaw?

While visiting the capital city of Poland, you can give up walking and decide for a smooth slide along the streets. How? Using Segway for this purpose. For people wondering what to do in Warsaw, we have a simple answer. Active sightseeing with pro...
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What to do in Gdansk?

Not sure what to do in Gdansk during your short stay? If this is your first visit, you certainly want to see the most famous attractions and learn about local culture. Gdansk is one of the most valuable historic building complexes in Poland - it i...
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Krakow Main Square - what you need to know

While visiting Krakow Main Square is the point on the map that cannot be missed. Why? There are several reasons. This is the largest square in the city, and also the largest medieval market in Europe. It has the shape of a square with a side lengt...
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Wawel Castle in Krakow - what you need to know

Wawel Castle in Krakow is one of the most recognizable monuments – not only in the city but also throughout the country. This former seat of the kings and rulers rises on the west bank of the Vistula River. On a hill outside the Castle, there are ...
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5 Reasons to visit Warsaw

Warsaw is a capital city and the largest city in Poland. Here are 5 unique reasons to visit Warsaw and some tips where to go in the first place. Visit the most important monuments and the most interesting parts of the city.

What is the ...

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5 Reasons to visit Krakow

A lovely place in Poland, Krakow, is a city drenched in rich history. What attracts many foreign tourists to visit Krakow is its diversity. Here are 5 reasons to visit this beautiful city and some examples where to visit in Krakow.


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5 Reasons to visit Gdansk

Gdańsk is a beautiful Polish city on the Baltic coast. When you visit Gdańsk, you are visiting three cities. Tricity is made up of Gdańsk, Sopot, and Gdynia. This is a unique place that combines various cultural influences, traditions and architec...
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